5 best places
for kids in Paris

Even if Disneyland remains number 1 in the list of children's entertainment in Paris, the city itself also has something to please the young travelers.

Forget about the zoo and the bowling, here is the selection of places you can only see in the city of light.
1 Jardin d'Acclimatation
Amusement Park
Here you will see Paris as it would look in a Disney movie - perfectly polished and radiant. Locals are waiting for any excuse to bring their kids here, inspired by nostalgia for their own childhood: the park has existed since the XIX century and is still remains traditional.
In addition to the usual attractions here you can jump on a trampoline, ride a pony, splash in the fountains, watch a puppet show, pet goats and have a good snack, looking at the ducks and peacocks passing by.
2 Luxembourg gardens
Spend the day as local families in the most beloved Parisian park. Choose your own furry pony for a ride, launch sailboats into a pond, ride on the oldest carousel in Paris, swing on a rope and, when no force is left, have a picnic on the lawn with a hot pancake bought at a nearby kiosk.
3 Musée des Arts Forains
Passing through the gates of the former Parisian warehouses, you find yourself in the home of the eternal feast. You can only come here with a tour in a small group, so it seems that you have been led behind the scenes of an enchanting performance that is about to begin.
Fancy antique carousels, colorful lights and fascinating sounds of a street organ create a festive atmosphere. Like at a fair a hundred years ago, here you can play old slot machines, view intricate curiosities and accelerate the bicycle carousel to maximum speed, pedaling with excitement along with the rest of the passengers.
4 River boat
When you have exhausted all your forces walking, but you soul still requires new impressions, hop on the Parisian river boat "Bateaux-Mouches". Seen from the water, Paris is even more beautiful, and children love to recognize the sights from an unusual angle and wave to passers-by on the quays.
5 André Citroën Park
Even skeptical teenagers can't resist the charm of a hot air balloon in the André Citroën Park. As a reward for their courage, the aeronauts will discover the most unusual of the panoramic views of Paris.
In the summer season, you can splash in the fountain with the local children and go to dry out in the cafe on the embankment, enjoying freshly baked pizza and fizzy lemonade.
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