5 ideas for
Halloween in Paris

Discover the dark side of the City of lights to get into the Halloween spirit. Fun-filled, spooky or petrifying: Paris has plenty of great ideas for celebration this October.

Here is a selection of 5 spine-chilling activities for a kid-friendly Halloween in Paris.
1 Amusement Parks
If you want a complete immersion in the Halloween atmosphere, take a trip to Disneyland or Asterix Park. Both will delight you with the ghoulish atmosphere and great activities for children during the day, and even offer night time shows. Asterix proposes themed fun for all ages that ranges from cute pumpkins to seriously scary attractions. In order not to frighten the children too much, there is a notation system (a little scary, for the whole family and for the most fearless).
2 Pere Lachaise Cemetery
The City of Lights also has some places where darkness reigns. The Père Lachaise is an iconic Parisian cemetery and a great open-air museum of curious tombs. Stroll through its mysterious and eerie alleys in search of the ghosts of the most famous Parisians.
3 Catacombs
Halloween is definitely the most appropriate time to visit this unique underground palace with skull-lined corridors that host thousands of skeletons. This chilling temple of death will not only give you goose pumps, but also invite you to think about the meaning of life through a series of deep and sometimes funny quotes found on the walls.
4 Spine-chilling shows
Why not celebrate Halloween with a cultural outing? Enjoy a hypnotizing phantom dance of the unique LIGHTS in the DARK show, or listen to some classical music that will give you goosebumps with a magical candlelit musical experience by Candelight.
Combine beauty with horror in the world's most famous museum and unveil chilling stories behind its masterpieces. We will wander through overlooked corners of the museum in search of eerie tombstones, forgotten masterpieces and some terribly interesting stories. During this 2-hour tour we will see the spookiest art pieces and learn frightening stories from the Bible and the French history, and will find out how death was seen throughout the ages.
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