Scary Louvre

Unveil the chilling stories behind the masterpieces

Scary Louvre
When museum gives you goosebumps
Combine beauty with horror in the world's most famous museum and unveil chilling stories behind its masterpieces.

We will wander through overlooked corners of the museum in search of eerie tombstones, forgotten masterpieces and some terribly interesting stories.

During this 2-hour tour we will see the spookiest art pieces and learn frightening stories from the Bible and the French history, and will find out how death was seen throughout the ages.

The tour was designed especially for the bravest of teens - sensitive hearts beware!
Scary Louvre tour
in numbers
Most frightening masterpieces from the museum's collection
2 h
Long enough to see the most important pieces
300 €
Include a private guide and skip-the-line tickets
(6 people max)
Minimum age recommended for this visit
What you get
We take care of everything to make sure your visit
is seamless and memorable
Polaroid Photos
To capture the moment, we'll take some pictures on Polaroid
Skip-the-line tickets
To make sure that the fun part begins
right away
With a guide you will:
  • Make art and history
    fun and accessible
    for your child
  • Uncover the secrets of all the masterpieces
  • Won't get lost in the museum and won't miss anything important
  • Skip the long lines
    to the museum
Scary Louvre
Price per family (up to 6 members)
For bigger groups, we will get back to you with a special offer

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